What is the best Family Tree software for Mac?

17 April 2020

For Family historians, the importance of maintaining an organized, clear and accurate family tree cannot be flashy. But getting a program that has just the perfect combination of features can feel like quite a task. Whether you have just initiated researching the family past, or are looking for a fresh start, this post will help you discover the best family tree software program for your requirements. You will get a quick comparison chart and a detailed breakdown of the best family tree programs available nowadays. Call on FTM UK Helpline Toll Free Service to know more about this software if you are a new user.

 Family Sync

Genealogy Software Guide for Mac

1. Family Tree Maker

Manufacturer: Software Mackiev

Family Tree Maker is the official software program of online genealogy giant Ancestry.com. It means that if you’ve an Ancestry subscription, you can take full advantage of the following handy features:

With the click of an option, you can access your Ancestry account and automatically save files and detail to the tree on your PC. There’s no need to go step by step, updating your files to match watch you find online

You can update your family tree, both online on your computer or mobile device, using the TreeSync aspect of this program. That means that if you are doing research at a library or cemetery, you can quickly record the information that you get using any Internet connection

You can quickly share your tree with other researches who might have overlapping branches since you home research is the same as the tree you have online


Manufacturer: John A. Naim

GEDitCOM II is offered as a free application to view GEDitCOM II files or for opening any GEDCOMfile from other software and viewing that data. This free reader mode is offered as a service to any genealogist in need of a powerful GEDCOM file inspection tool. They can open any GEDCOM file, validate the data, and also run scripts to create reports. Hopefully, they will eventually see the worth of GEDitCOM II and purchase a license. For those that have brought a license, the advantage of a free reader mode is that they can send their GEDitCOM II files to relatives and even if they don’t own GEDitCOM II, they can use the free “reader mode” to view the data. The limitations of the free “reader mode” are that you cannot save the changes that are made to files or run scripts that save the file or use the scripting command that exports GEDCOM data to files. These limitations only apply to files with more than 25 individuals.

3. iFamily for Mac

Manufacturer: Keith Wilson

iFamily for Mac is really an excellent featured Genealogy application with a healthy community of users. This is the genealogy application which Mac users have been waiting for.

Whereas other genealogy software tends for emphasizing the family unit, this software’s focus is on every individual person.

• Intuitive Interface
• Easy to Use
• Display multiple spouses and step-children
• Designed to focus on every individual person rather than on every family unit
• Photo editing/cropping function
• GEDCOM import and export
• Drag and drop multiple images
• Powerful but simple family tree searchability
• Handles over 200 different image/text/video/audio file formats
• Powerful but simple family tree searchability

4. Heredis

Manufacturer: BSD Concept

Heredis genealogy software has released a major upgrade with Heredis 2015 for Mac or Windows users

New features include:

Online searching: From a profile of the person, start searches of online collections in archives and libraries (Heredis recommends that ones to search based on information in your tree). It automatically captures details from online finds and saves them to your tree to search cording to.

Images: A new photo tool will allow you to check people in images uploaded to Heredis, and if a person is not in your tree until adding him or her directly from the photo tool. You can also capture images of the signatures of ancestors from records, edit record images and photos that are uploaded to Heredis, and generate and share slideshows as well as online albums.

Data Entry: You can enter an event when and easily apply it to the rest of the family as required, instead of entering that same even for every person named in a record

Mapping: View interactive maps showing where your ancestors lived and scroll their geographical migrations by time period or place.

5. MacFamilyTree 9

Manufacturer: Synium software

MacFamilyTree for Mac helps you to research and record your family history information and turn it into reports, charts, or an amazing 3D virtual tree. Its visually appealing and attractive interface and Web search integration differentiates it from other same apps and making it a better choice for any genealogy enthusiast. The standard GEDCOM format is supported for both export and import of data.

The above given are the few software of Family Tree for Mac. If you have any queries against any of them then call on FTM Support Help Center Service for instant help or you can just get in touch with the experts via LiveChat. The experts are always there to help you in any manner they can.