What is the advantage and disadvantage of using AOL business mail?

22 September 2020

AOL mail is already a homely name for everyone it is used by many for the exchange of emails and for proper communication with the people around the globe. All that is needed is an AOL email ID and an internet connection. If a user has this then one can easily communicate with anyone from anywhere around the world.

AOL is no more new in the market it has got for itself enough recognition by now and as a result, it has got many developments and advancements associated with itself now. One such advancement or we can say the development is that of the AOL webmail that is used by many around the globe for the fulfillment of the communication needs and other requirements related to their profession or business. But just like every coin has two sides the same thing goes for this so here we will discuss in detail everything associated with the advantage and disadvantage of using AOL business mail.

What is the advantage and disadvantage of using AOL business mail?

Let us start the discussion on a positive note that is the advantages of using an AOL mail for business:

• The first and foremost advantage of using AOL mail for business is it is free to create and the user doesn’t have to pay any monthly fees for it.
• AOL also allows the business owner to get access to the mail directly on the phone through the application.
• The other advantage is that the user can use many usernames under one account in AOL.
• Also, it offers the spam blocking option in order to keep away all the unnecessary messages from the inbox.
• Also, the users of AOL mail are given unlimited storage.

Some of the disadvantages that are associated with the use of AOL mail for business are given as follows:

• There is a notion in the email providers that a message coming from AOL mail is spam and thus the email providers drag the email to the spam folder and do not allow it to reach the inbox.
• Another problem that the AOL mail users often face is that of not getting the name of their choice for their email address.
• In AOL mail one cannot open attachments directly by clicking on it, the person will have to get the attachment downloaded before opening it.

So, these are some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with the use of AOL mail for business, one should decide the further course of action by weighing all these.