Protection tips of Hotmail Account

21 March 2020

The security used on the computer of your company should be excellent to safeguard the loss of personal data or sensitive information. Even the most effective anti-virus software will not grab and it particularly cannot stop every hacking method. However, malware is widely used to hack passwords, your Yahoo account can be stolen easily because your password is weak. You must have some security settings through which you can easily secure your Yahoo Account.

Protection against Hackers for Yahoo Mail

1. Change Your Password:

No security guide is complete without this common tip. The first and foremost thing to protect the Yahoo email account from hackers is to change your password. If an unidentified person broke into your Yahoo Mail Account, then they could reset passwords on other sites. That is the reason why one should upgrade your password strength before doing anything else. Even if you already are using a strong password, changing it is always a better idea considering past breaches.

2. Update Recovery Information:

Users can add contact detail to the Yahoo account in case they get locked out. It makes you capable to use another email address or your phone number to recover your account if you forget your password. Hence, it is essential to ensure this info is upgraded it is too late.

•For doing so, go to the Account Info > Account security tab again
•Then, under Phone numbers and Email addresses, add any contact information your use regularly
•After that, select Add recovery phone/email, and enter the appropriate info
•In the end, for phones, you’ll receive a verification code through SMS or a call. If you add a new email address, you will get a message with a link for verifying the address

3. Enable Two-Step Verification

You can enable two-factor verification for excellent security and safeguard Yahoo email account from hackers. The limitations of this method are that if your account gets hacked, the hackers will have access to your emails and phone number both. If possible, use a phone number that you do not use for any type of online transaction.

•To enable this two-factor verification, visit the Account Security section
•After that, turn the two-step verification on where you will be asked to enter a phone number and will be prompted to verify it
•After completing this, the verification mode will get enabled

4. Eliminate Connected Services

Connected services offer a golden opportunity for hackers to get access to your social media accounts easily by hacking your Yahoo account. It’s always better to disconnect all other connected services from your Yahoo account.

•For removing connected accounts from the Yahoo, go to Settings and then, click on More Settings
•Now the settings page will be appeared from which you’ve to choose Social Accounts to view all other connected services
•Then, remove accounts from the list to stop hackers from getting details regarding your other services and accounts

By following these simple steps, you can easily keep your account safe and secure from hackers. Also, if you are getting into any trouble then get in touch with the technical experts by calling on Yahoo Mail Helpline Phone Number for instant support. The teams are available all the time to help you in any manner they can.