Procedure for Yahoo mail account setup on Android

18 May 2020

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Procedure for Yahoo mail account setup on Android

For those from non-technical backgrounds, even the basic procedure of setting up the account becomes a problem sometimes as that also has some tricks involved. Here we will focus on the set up of a yahoo mail account on an android device. The android devices as well as the yahoo mail service is undoubtedly very easy to use but setting up a yahoo account has a lot of technicalities involved therefore this is one procedure that most of the times become complicated for the users to be complete without proper guidance and support from someone who is professionally involved in the workings of the techniques and features of yahoo mail account sometimes the problem can also occur due to some technical issue with the android device but even if it is that then that can also be only identified after applying everything given in the guidance for the completion of the setup procedure.

Before setting up the yahoo account on any type of device the user, first of all, will have to put the server settings for the android device in the right place.

The POP settings should be set as given below-

• The POP server should be Input “”
• The security type should be “None”
• The POP server port should be 995.
• The secure port has to be 993.
• The security type should be SSL/TLS.
• The insecure port has to be 110.
• The Security type None.

Once the user gets the POP settings done as given above then the user should move to the SMTP settings.

The SMTP settings should be set as given below-

• The SMTP server has to be set as “”.
• The security type has to be none.
• 465 should be the outgoing SMTP server port.
• The secure port should also be 465.
• The security type should be SSL/TLS.
• The outgoing secure port should be set to 465.
• The secure type should be SSL/TLS.
• The outgoing server should be 587.
• The SSL/TLS should be security type.
• The outgoing SMTP port should be 25.
• The security type should be none.
• The outgoing in the secure port should be 587.
• The security type should be none.

After the POP, as well as SMTP server settings, are done then further the user should conduct the setup of the account on android –

• On the application drawer, the user should click on the mail icon.
• Further, choose the POP server.
• After putting in the POP server settings.
• Also, put the settings for the SMTP server.
• Finally, click the option done.

The above given is the easiest and thus one of the best procedures for the set up of yahoo mail account on an android device. Other than this there is no other way out for getting it done. The content given above is written with all the details of each and every step to be followed for the setup process of the yahoo mail account on the android device.

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