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Common iPhone X Issues

01 March 2019

Apple is a leading brand known these days, it provides the user with I phones, I pads, laptops and a lot such updated advanced products. This discovery of steve Jobs, steve Wozniak and Ronald is a brand that is showing continuous developments in terms of technologies and it surprises its customers with some or the other new update almost on a daily basis.

Apple is in action from 1976 and from then till now it has grown at the fastest rate this brand shows the highest consumer graph worldwide. But, the users are sometimes seen trapped in problems and it becomes difficult for them to deal with those problems as the users from non- technical background get confused with the features and with the updated set up of the devices, therefore, it is advisable that for instant solutions the users should ask help from trained Apple experts.

Here, we will discuss troubleshooting steps of some basic I phone X issues-

1- Force restart – This is a very common troubleshooting tip for getting rid of any problem that the user is facing on I Phone X , for a force restart follow the given steps –
• Press and release the volume up button.
• Then press and release the volume down button.
• Then press and hold the side button till the Apple logo appears.

2- Reset the device – Many times it is seen that a reset conducted on the device gets the I Phone X to normal working –
• Open settings on the device.
• Then click “general”
• Further click “reset”
• Select reset all settings
• Then select reset network settings first.
• Then further conduct reset of other settings accordingly.

3- Improving battery life- For an improved battery life follow the given steps –
• Lower the brightness of the device.
• Turn off location.
• Turn off notifications and vibration.
• Then enable Air plane mode.
• Then switch on “settings” further click “battery” then click on “low power mode”

4- Unresponsive Display – In the initial days of I Phone X the users were seen complaining about the touch of the device being less effective therefore, Apple later came with an update that got the problem fixed. So, it is advisable that the user gets the device updated.

5- Messaging issues- if you are unable to send or receive messages then for fixing this follow the given steps –
• Turn off the device and then switch it on again.
• Open settings and click on “messages” then switch off I massaging.
• Then turn on I messaging after 10 seconds.

6- Reset i phone X to factory settings – The device can be taken to factory settings very easily the user should follow the given steps –
• On the device click “settings”
• Then select “Erase all content and settings”
• Then enter password further click “Erase I phone”

The user can also take the device back to factory settings through I tunes-
• Get the device connected to your system and then open I tunes.
• Then from the list that appears select “I phone X”
• Take a back up of your device on I cloud or I tunes
• Then click “restore” in order to get a reset done.
• Then click “restore again” in order to confirm the process.

This post covers almost all the basic troubleshooting steps related to I Phone X, but if still you face any sort of issue for which you are unable to get a solution then ask for it at Apple support number uk.