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Tricks to Enhance HP Laptop Performance

02 July 2019

Hp has been the leading name in the computer manufacturing market from a very long time from the year 2007 to be precise. From then till now the brand is showing continuous growth. The company started off with the production and manufacture of computers and it further expanded itself to producing compatible laptops, printer machines, pen drives and a lot more products associated with the world of information technology.

The credit for the popularity of the brand goes to the advanced technical set up and the various user friendly features that are offered to the users but the same technical set up and the same set of features do become complicated for a user from a non-technical background such users can ask help at HP Laptop Help UK.

HP laptop users get to deal with a lot of errors and issues while working and it becomes tough for the user to get all of them resolved without proper knowledge of techniques and without proper skills. At times the laptop refuses to turn on at other times the user gets to face charging issue with the laptop. Similarly, the speed issue of the laptop is also very common here we will focus on the resolution of the same issue.

If an HP laptop is slow at responding to the given commands then the user should follow the below-given steps in order to fix the problem.

• Check the programs running in the background – As soon as an HP laptop is turned on there are few programs that start running in the background automatically these programs drain a lot of CPU memory and thus it is advisable that the user turns off some of these programs in order to boost up the speed of the laptop. For that open the task manager and click the “startup” tab you will get to see a list of programs select from there whichever program you wish to disable.

• Remove apps not required - The user should remove unnecessary applications from the system using the control panel. Freeing up space in the system will automatically boost up the speed of the laptop.

• Update RAM - If in case the RAM of your laptop is not updated to its latest version then that might cause this speed issue with the device, therefore, the user should conduct an updating RAM procedure.

• Use disk clean up - The user should conduct a cleaning cycle on the laptop in order to get away with all the temporary files and folders. This can be done very easily by using the disk for the process.

• Reinstalling operating system – If none of the above-given procedures are able to resolve the issue then, in that case, the last option is to get the windows operating system removed and to again get it installed.

If you are stuck with the installation or with the removal process of the Windows operating system then ask help at HP Laptop Support UK.

The team of technicians is well trained and is certified by leading technical institutes running around the globe. Also, these technicians have all the needed field experience as well as the skills. The users are never disappointed by the services of these experts and they are always provided with the best and the earliest solutions.