Security Tips of Hotmail Account

21 August 2019

Hotmail is an email service developed by Microsoft this Email service is running in the market from the year 1996 and is very popular for its features from the very start. From the year 1996 till now the webmail service has only got itself developed up to more advanced levels with the addition of new features every day.

All the products and services developed by Microsoft so far have always been very safe and also easy for the users to use the same is the case with Hotmail but still if the service is troubling you in any way then in that case it is advisable that you get connected with the team of experts at Microsoft Hotmail support number UK.

The safety features associated with the Hotmail Email service work very effectively with the setup but still an Email account is never totally safe from the hackers. Here we will talk about a few important measures that should be taken by the people using Hotmail account in order to keep the account safe from the hackers.

• Long and strong password – While creating a Hotmail account the user should keep in mind that the password should be long enough as a long password will be difficult for the hacker to crack.

• Answering the security question – While answering the security questions the user should keep in mind that the answers should be accurate but should not be correct. In other words, the answer to the question should never be in direct connection with the question.

• Check your Account – The user should keep on checking the account regularly and as and when he or she suspects some unwanted activity should then and there get the password changed.

• Change password – The user should keep changing the password frequently and to be precise the password should be changed after every period of 72 days. This should be done keeping in mind the security issues. Hotmail account set up reminds the user for changing the password after every 72 days.

• Avoid public networks – In order to keep Hotmail account safe from the hackers; the users should avoid logging in there Hotmail accounts on some public network such as at a cyber café or some other such public network.

If you are still looking for more information related to a Hotmail account set up then, in that case, it is advisable that the user gets connected with the team of experts at Hotmail Help Number UK. The experts can be reached at any time from anywhere they are available for help and support all the time and are specially trained for dealing with issues related to Hotmail.