List of Common Screen Issue Associated to HP Laptop

11 March 2019

HP is a company that came into light in the year 1939, from then it started spreading its wings all over the world and in today’s time this is a company known as one of the leading manufacturers in the IT field.

HP manufactures world-class printers, first class PCs as well as laptops, the products are famous among the users for advanced technical set ups and also for the attractive features and for their user-friendly designs.

All the IT products are based on various techniques and all these techniques show continuous developments along with time. The techniques further make it complicated for the users to deal with the products.

As soon as the user gets stuck into any sort of technical issue with the product then it is advisable that the user connects with the experts for further help, as it is real complicated and also it is risky to try resolving any technical error related to any HP product without proper resources and proper knowledge of techniques. Therefore, it is advisable that the user asks help from the technicians for troubleshooting purposes the technicians can be reached at HP Helpline Number UK.

Here we will mainly focus on resolutions of some of the common screen issues that the HP laptop users get to face.

Black screen – In order to fix black screen issues on HP laptop follow the given steps –
• Conduct a hard reset of the laptop.
• Get your browser restarted.
• Get graphic drivers updated.
• Get fast startup disabled.
• Undo all the recent changes.

The black screen issue will be resolved if the user follows the above given steps accurately.

Colored lines on the Monitor screen – In order to fix colored lines on monitor screen the user should follow the given steps –
• Get all the external devices disconnected.
• Then get the system restarted, enter BIOS setup utility by pressing the F1 key on the keyboard if you get to see the colored lines on BIOS then the issue is related to Hardware.
• Take an exit from BIOS and allow the computer to boot in windows.
• Get the video drivers updated, for that go to the official HP website look for the updates there and follow the on screen instructions in order to get the updated drivers installed on your laptop.
• Then get your system restarted.

Everything shows pink on the display – If your HP laptop is showing everything pink on the display then to get it fixed it is advisable that the user that the user goes to the HP laptop settings through the control panel and gets the issues fixed.

This blog covers almost all the common issues related to the display or screen of an HP laptop, however if you have got stuck with some other problem related to your Laptop then ask help from the HP experts.