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How to resolve some common Hotmail issues?

14 August 2019

Hotmail is an Email exchange service developed by Microsoft the people around the globe use this service for the easy exchange of Emails and it thus maintains the communication easily.

Though Hotmail Email service is very easy to use with its interface and also it has a lot of features to offer to the users. But all these advanced and updated features do put the users into troubles sometimes in such a case it is advisable that the user gets connected with the experts at Hotmail Contact UK.

Here in this blog, we will focus on the resolution to some common technical issues that are faced by the Hotmail users while using the service.

Resetting lost Hotmail password- If you need to reset Hotmail password then you should follow the given steps –
• On your browser open the password reset page
• Put a checkmark against the box, “I forgot my password.”
• Then, at the bottom of the page, click “next.”
• Enter Email address then enter the verification code

Hotmail account repair on iPhone- If you need to repair Hotmail account on iPhone then, in that case, follow the given steps –
• On your iPhone click “settings” further, click “accounts and passwords” and then click “add an account.”
• Further select
• Log in Page will then appear on the screen
• Enter the Email address and password and then click “sign-in.”

Syncing Hotmail account with I phone- In order to sync Hotmail account with iPhone the user should follow the given steps –
• Open the Settings application on your device
• There click the option “Mails, contacts and calendars.”
• Further, click the option “add account.”
• Then click on the option
• Enter Hotmail Email address
• Verify the account if that is needed
• Further, select the sync option

Creation of additional Hotmail account- In order to get another Hotmail account created the user should follow the given steps –
• On your browser open the MSN homepage
• In the top left-hand corner click “Hotmail.”
• Then, in the new window or tab that opens click on “sign up.”
• In the field enter your desired ID and then from the drop-down menu select
• Check availability and then in the next field enter the password
• Then enter the current email address in the relevant field for password recovery.

If you are still stuck with some issue or error then, in that case, you should get connected with the team of experts at Hotmail UK for help.