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Steps to recover Hotmail Password

26 August 2019

Hotmail is trusted and fast email service that is widely used for personal as well as professional use. It is safe to use and keeps your personal information and details utterly secure with its outstanding privacy features. To keep the data and privacy secure from your end, it is advisable to set a strong password so that it cannot be guessed by anyone else. Also, it is recommended to do not save the password on any device as it may become easy to access your account. Having a secure password is required to be remembered all the time. However, if in case you forget your password, then you can’t access your account. Don’t worry; you can quickly recover your account password within a few minutes by following the recovery methods.

In this blog, we are going to discuss Hotmail Password Recovery method through which you can easily access your account:

• First, open the Password reset by visiting its official website in your browser.
• Then, check the ‘I forgot my password box’ that appears at the top of the page.
• Now, click on Next which you will get at the bottom of the page.
• After that, enter your email address for which you want to reset the password (you can also enter your phone number or Skype username)
• Then, enter the verification code in the box that appears below the email address text field.
• Enter the Characters/Captcha you see in the box that appears near the bottom of the page.
• Now, click on New that appears next to the code box to get the code restored here.
• Click on Next and then select an ‘Account Reset Option.’ Click Text or Email on this page.

(If you haven’t registered a backup phone number or email account then, check the box that refers ‘I don’t have any of these ’ options and then, clicks on Next. Enter a backup email and then follow the on-screen instructions.)

• Enter your phone number or email address in the below Email option or Text option. Then, click on Send Code.
• Then open the recovery email (if you have entered your email address) and then, copy the code that is available next to the ‘’Security Code’ heading.
• If you have entered Text, then open your phone’s message app and not the code that you received from Microsoft. If you didn’t get any Code, then get connected with the experts at Hotmail Technical Help UK.
• Enter the recovery code in the required field and then click on Next.
• Enter a new password and type your password twice into the ‘New Password’ and then click on Next.
• Again, click on Next when asked. It will bring you back to the sign-in page where you can sign in to your account using your new password.

Through this simple and easy step, you can quickly recover your password. Make sure that your account has not been inactive for more than 1 year. If it has not been accessed in over a year then, your account will be automatically deleted. And it is recommended to refresh your password regularly to avoid others from guessing your password.