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Tricks to secure HP Laptops Battery Life

03 May 2019

HP is a company that specializes in computer hardware product manufacturing as well as in the software manufacture. The main product line of manufacture for HP has been printers, storage devices, networking hardware and a lot more.

In the year 1970, the HP came up with a series of HP 3000 under which came the specially developed design which came into existence for a business related requirements.

In today’s time, his technology is mainly used in ATMs and gas pumps. In the same year, the company also brought in existence the first handy calculators.

Then as the years progressed further the company came up with more advanced and updated technologies in the shape of inkjet printers as well as the laser printers. These machines were given a desktop friendly design.

In today’s time, the company is working towards developing a technology that is well compatible with the 5G services. The research and development department of the company is working towards this goal continuously and with total dedication.

The company is working towards the improvement of the computer, Laptop as well as printers designs so that the products of the company are well compatible with the 5G services and thus the Lead of the company in the market does not get affected.

Another factor that keeps the lead of the company maintained in the market is the team of trained technicians at HP Helpline number UK.

Here we will focus on various ways through which a user can get the battery life of the HP laptops improved.

Let’s start with the most popular procedure for improving the battery life of an HP laptop -
• Keep the laptop plugged in even if it is not in use.
• Keep all the insignificant applications closed.
• Unplug if there is any extra accessory plugged in.
• You can also decrease the brightness of your laptop screen.
• Keep the Bluetooth turned off.
• Turn on the battery saver.
• Keep the vant of the laptops cleared.

Additional steps that can be followed for improvement of the battery life are as follows –
• Get the speed of the processor reduced.
• Get the wireless functions disabled.
• You can also change the power settings.
• If in case your HP laptop is draining the battery very fast and you need to solve this then, in that case, you should follow the given steps –
• Open task manager.
• Get all the insignificant startup programs disabled.
• Ensure that you are using genuine HP laptop charger.
• Click on the windows icon on the screen
• In the search bar type “performance”
• Click the option “appearance and performance settings”
• Further, select the option “Adjust the windows for best performance”
• Click on “Apply” and then click “ok”

If still the problem troubles you then the last option is to get the laptop battery replaced with a new one. If you still need any further guidance with regard to any HP product then ask the experts at HP support number UK and get your issue resolved.