How to get ready for Family Sync in a few steps?

15 April 2020

If you are worried about how to use the Family Sync feature and its working procedure then, you are in the right place. Here, you will learn the procedure for Family Sync in Family Tree Maker. The only thing that will change is that you need to use Family Sync at the place of using Tree Sync. Adapting to it means that there is no need for breaking the links like before. This is due to now every Ancestry tree can link to a multiple FTM Tress.

Hence, now it isn’t essential to break the previous one to download a tree to a new computer. The Family Sync helps to sync any modifications which you make to an Ancestry tree and it doesn’t matter what device you will conduct it from. Let’s move with the exact process to get ready for Family Sync in Family Tree Maker so that you make it easy. Both Trees will be linked to ancestry and this way you save a lot of time to upload and download procedure. You only have got to get yourself used to it.

This is the way how Family Sync is; you have “Three computers, One Ancestry tree, and there is no use at all and if you like to install FTM latest version on a new device then, as we already discussed there is no need to break the old link to download a new copy. You only have to make a backup on your old device and after that, transfer to the new computer with the help of a flash drive.

 Family Sync

As we are discussing, again and again, to do not break the links and this is because every Ancestry tree can be linked to many Family Tree Maker Trees. The only need for Family Sync comes when the Family Tree Maker software is being used on more than one device. Just as an example, if a user has a son and he/she want his/her son to use Family Tree Maker on a various device then there is no need to download or re-upload your FTM tree if it is already linked to an Ancestry tree from one computer.

That is going to be a difficult process and time consuming and yes it involves breaking the old link. Apart from this, with the help of Family Sync instead of Tree Sync and any change to an Ancestry tree, whether from your mobile device or laptop, will sync with your Family Tree Maker Tree. For instance, when you install the Family Tree Maker on a new device then, you might think to break the previous link and then, download a new and fresh copy onto your new PC. It is so recommended not to do that.

Do not think of breaking that link for moving your tree to a new device. You can instead, make a backup on the previous device and move it to the new PC on a USB flash drive and recover it there. Well, the exact way of doing is to copy a backup to the other PC with a flash drive and recover it. Both copies will be linked to the same Ancestry tree and in the end, both trees will be linked to the same ancestry tree and you’ll be able to save a lot of time to upload the tree and then, downloading it.

You also can also call on FTM Customer Care Number UK to get instant help regarding the resolution. The teams are available all the time to help you and you also can get connected with the experts via Live Chat.