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Common Resolution for Yahoo Mail Issue

26 March 2020

Yahoo Mail is the best email service and comes with excellent features that enhance the experience of users. You can use this email service to send professional or personal emails. But as said, nothing is designed perfectly especially when it comes to technology. There are definitely some technical faults and Yahoo also has some technical problems. In this, guide, we will discuss some of them that are common and yes their resolution so that you can resolve them on your own. Also, you can get in touch with the technical team for instant help just by calling on Yahoo Telephone toll free for instant help.

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Yahoo Mail Issues and their Fix:

1. Recovery of Yahoo Mail Account

If you have forgotten your Yahoo mail password then, you easily can reset the password again and you access your Yahoo Account. You can change or reset your account password just following the given solution to recover your Yahoo password.

a. Reset Forgotten Yahoo Email Password

• By clicking Change and reset your Yahoo password
• Choose ‘Reset a forgotten password’ and recover your Yahoo account password
• After that, follow on-screen instructions to complete the procedure

b. Recover Forgotten Yahoo ID:

• Go to the main page of Yahoo and under the logging bars, you will see a light blue phrase that states ‘I cannot access my account’ click on it
• In the 3 problems listed, select the second one and after that, click on Next to confirm your trouble and those are:
• I have a problem with my password
• I forgot my yahoo email id
• My account may have been compromised
• In the next screen, you’ll be prompted to enter your alternative email address or your mobile phone number. Remember to enter the correct information that matches the detail in the application Yahoo! Mail account form. Click on Next to continue
• In this step, you will be required to enter a CAPTCHA code to confirm the information. Then, click on next again
• This is the final step and you have to wait for some minutes and then check your phone or your alternative email address and you will receive a text which has your Yahoo ID

2. Invalid ID or Password Message

• If you are facing this problem or error message then, it means that the Yahoo ID or/and the password you have just entered don’t fit together. This is usually due to these reasons
• You accidentally turn on the Caps Lock and turn it off and then, try to enter your ID and password when again carefully
• If you have just changed your password currently and has not updated for the computer then, it is likely to enter your old password automatically
• Enter your new password to get access to the account

3. Unremembered Password:

This is the most common issue that is experienced by every Yahoo user. With several accounts on different platforms it is not easy to identify even the easiest authentication credentials you have creates.

• Move to the Yahoo Login Page
• Snap-on the link titled “Forget Password?” Now, you’ll be redirected to another page for the verification determinations
• Pick one of three options for recovery, recovery phone number, login email address, recovery email address, or mobile phone number
• Catch the various directions on the screen to reset your password

4. Yahoo website isn’t working:

• Clear the browser’s cache and cookies
• Update your browser
• Restart your computer and make sure that JavaScript is enabled
• Disable browser enhancements
• Temporarily disable antivirus or firewall products
• See of the Yahoo is working from another computer or mobile
• Reset your browser to default settings

5. Clean Yahoo Junk Mail:

To clean Junk Mail or Spam mail from Yahoo you have to Filter Spam Emails. For that,

• Click on any email that you think is spam and open it or select multiple emails
• Now, press and hold an email then, a checkbox appears
• Tap on more icons option and click on the mark as spam Image of Spam icon
• Now, the emails are filtered and saved as spam emails

Then, block an Email address in Yahoo:

• First, move your mouse over the Settings option near the small gear icon
• Now, select Settings and tap on Blocked Addresses and then, type an email address in the ‘Add an address’ field
• Now, tap on the Block option

6. Hacking Issue of Yahoo Email Accounts:

• Create a sign-in seal the next time you log in “Are you Protected?” The sign-in seal is a message or image that appears every time you check your mail so that you’ll know the site is reliable.
• After you make your choice, click on ‘Save this Seal” and create the sign-in seal again if you delete the browser’s cookies
• Create a different password for every Yahoo which you’ve. Re-use the same password to make your account more vulnerable. Use a password manager like RoboForm or LastPass to help you keep track of them
• Hover you cursor over the links in the email to check the field before you click them. Always make sure the link beforehand to see if it’ll send you to the expected website and if not sure then, report the email to Yahoo
• Keep your antivirus, anti-spyware or firewall products updated and running at all time

These are a few common issues of Yahoo along with their resolution. One more important thing, if you have any issue different from the above-given issues then, call on Yahoo Service Care Phone Number to get instant and reliable help from the technical team expert.