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How to compose a mail in AOL?

11 September 2020

Being an AOL mail service user, the people are usually seen as very happy as the interface of the mail service is very easy to be used and understood and thus they do not get stuck or confused with the workings of the service. Also, the service provides the users with many other latest and advanced features associated with the AOL mail setup that further makes the process of communication between the people more prompt and instant.

But whenever we start using something new or we come across anything new in general then it often happens that we fail to understand the working procedures associated with it to be precise we do not fail but we surely need some time and guidance for understanding it. The same goes with the AOL mail compose settings though, the process of composing a mail is always easy irrespective of the mail service that is in use still those users who are new to AOL mail service may face difficulty in understanding the interface of the service and that may further lead to problems with the understanding of the mail composing process.

So, for all such users, the AOL trained team of technicians and certified experts is here to provide them with the steps that they should follow for the smooth conduct of the process of mail composing.

How to compose a mail in AOL?

In order to compose a mail on the AOL mail service the user should follow the given steps:

• The user should go to the AOL mail inbox and there should click the “compose button.”
• Then in the “to” field, the user should enter the email address of the person to whom the mail is to be sent.
• The user should then write a brief regarding the whole mail in the “Subject field.”
• Then in the body of the mail, the user should write the whole body of the message.
Then, in the end, the user should click “Send.”

Once all of these steps will be done the mail will be composed and will be immediately sent to the concerned person as soon as the user will click the “send” button. In order to confirm the user is advised to check the sent mailbox. If more help is needed then the user should ask for it from the AOL technical team that is available at AOL helpline number UK all the time.