Steps to Protection Facebook Account

11 June 2019

Facebook is an American online social media and was founded by Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook has become no.1 website on the Web and for some people, it becomes their part of life. Facebook is a place where you can easily interact with friend and colleagues and also is seen by many as an extension of themselves.

But sometimes, it happens that your account gets accessed by a stranger and that is going to open up a large can of worms. Hackers ultimately can undermine your reputation and makes your friends’ personal information exposed to publicizing and other manipulations. So, in that case, you should seriously try to protect unwanted access to your account. For more information about hacking it is advisable to contact Facebook Support number UK.

Although, Facebook provides various tools that can keep your password and account secure and safe. Nowadays, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), has become into force and Facebook allows the users to download their private data to their personal account in just one click. By hacking, a hacker will be also able to do the same.

It is very important to keep your Facebook account safe and secure to maintain your reputation on social media and prevent your personal account details.

These are some simple and most important steps that help to prevent your Facebook account by getting hacked:

• Use your personal computer and laptop to log in: The first thing to do is try not to log in your facebook from unknown devices. And never save your password in unknown devices.

• Use trusted website for Facebook login: Always use Google Chrome for Facebook as this browser can easily recognize some phishing web pages.

• Avoid the links in emails from the ‘Facebook team’ that claims your account is hacked and you must enter your verification data instantly.

• Safely browse while using unknown Wi-FI: It is recommended to use VPN when using public Wi-Fi.

The most common and important thing you have to do is change your password by creating a strong password and avoid using your birth date, name, pets name, mobile number or some common words that can be easily guessed. Always, take a strong password that will be at least in 8 characters in length. Having long password will consume more time of hacker to crack it. Also, avoid using your Facebook password anywhere else.

These are some more important steps against hacking of Facebook:

• OTP for two-way verification: You can use this feature through Facebook Verification tools or third-party software. By using this feature, Facebook sends an authentication message or you can say a unique code to your registered mobile number every time whenever you logging in. that code will enable you to Login on Facebook on for that session. Once the session has expired you will need to create another authentication code to access your account again.

• Log out your Facebook account on the other devices: A most common way to prevent hacking on public devices is not saving your password on that device. Make sure that you have successfully logged out from the browser. If you will not log out your account and close the browser after a session, then Facebook will recognize the session again for a while. In that case, if any stranger comes just after your then he can easily access and control your account. Also, ensure that you have successfully logged out and not only is your number but email address also not displayed in the authentication tabs.

• Clean up your browser: It is always recommended to clean up your browser from time to time that will remove your Login details, history and other information which might create a trick for hackers to hack your account.

• Protect your device from Malware and Spyware: It is not necessary that your account will be hacked only through the web. A stranger can also hack your browser through malicious software that you may have mistakenly or unsuspectingly installed on your device.

So, these are some major things that you will have to do for protecting your Facebook account from hacking. If you need more information to protect yourself from hacking then, it is recommended to take some advice from Facebook Technical Support Number UK.