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Now, get ready for creating any family tree with minimal effort and time with Family Tree Maker (FTM). Draw even the most multifaceted of family trees in the shortest time possible with the advanced features tailor-made for flexibility and ease-of-use. Family Tree Maker is the favorite genealogy software that makes it easy to discover the family story and preserve your legacy and share the unique heritage. If you are new to the family history then, you will appreciate how this instinctive program allows you to easily grow the family tree with just easy and simple navigation, tree-building tools and integrated Web Searching. If you are already an expert then, you can dive into the more advanced features, managing data options, and a vast variety of reports and charts. The end result is a family history which you and your family will treasure for years to come!

Family Tree Maker

Features of FTM:

• Easily and quickly build your family tree
• Single click synchronization with

• Hints from the Ancestry and FamilySearch
• View family history and interactive maps

Family Tree Maker Support Number

To get an online technician to resolve your software issue in the shortest time frame, get Family Tree Maker Support by calling family tree maker support number +800-368-9067.

How to get Family Tree Maker Support

You can get Family Tree Maker Support (Chat Support), for free from Mackiev. The Mackiev provides instant help regarding the resolution and they can guide you on the chat and serve you to fix your issue for free. If you are searching Family Tree Maker help from an organization that provides instant and reliable support then, it is advisable to get in touch with us. The family Tree Maker Support Number +800-368-9067, you only have to call on this number to get instant help. You also can get connected with the experts through LiveChat.

How to Back Up and Compact a Linked Tree?

• Firstly, you have to update FTM software, or you want to use a sync option such as Family Sync? If yes then, you can do it by following a few steps given below
• Firstly, compact your free files
• Full back-up with any external driver such as Flash Driver or USB Drive

When you compact FTM file, it eliminates the spaces in the tree database and also reduces the chances of the issues so, here is the following instructions are given below:

• First of all, select Compact
• Now, click on Compact
• When says ‘Compacting is successful’, click on Ok

Backup FTM File

• First of all, back up your Family Tree Information as a GEDCOM
• Email Your GEDCOM to Yourself
• Back-Up your Family History Records
• Store your data safely and securely

How to Save Your FTM 2017 File

Your Family Tree file is significant and if your PC crashes for any reason then, you should save your hard work just by storing copies of your frees in addition to your PC on constant intervals. It could also mean that using online back-ups such as Google Drive and etc.

Does my Ancestry Tree Get Complete Backed up On Server?

Well, the answer is No! There are particular portions of the FTM 2017 on your computer which do not get synced with your Ancestry tree. Therefore, it is advisable when your Ancestry tree has your family history records, then you should never trust it. Our FTM 2017 Support number is available all the time and the team can help you with FTM support and for that just call on the FTM Helpline Number.

Family Tree Maker- Mostly Asked Questions

1. what if I change my Computer, and after an Upgrade, do I have to install my old FTM copy?
No, if you’re an old user then, you became eligible to edit older editions or versions of FTM, You’ll get a freestanding installer for your new computer, so there is no need of old version.
2.I have installed a new Family Tree Software Mackiev version. Should I keep the old version?

No, when you have installed the FTM Software Mackiev version then, uninstall the old version, better to keep it in a different folder or to an external drive

3.Is Family Book Creator Plugin by Stefan Harms’ Compatible with the New version

Yes! It is a free update for his FBC (Family Book Creator) for FTM 2017. You want to avail the feature so that you can connect FTM to Ancestry then, upgrade to Family Tree Maker. This software can sync to ancestry and it can provide you ancestry hints, and ancestry search and combine function so there is no issue with FTM. No other FTM editions have this functionality.

Re-register with FTM Software

No, however, all users should sign up for the FTM Mailing List to get new product information, updates, and upgrades.

Yes, FTM TreeSync was discontinued in 2017. It has been replaced with Family Sync. And, it has been supported in FTM 2017.

From Where Can I Buy FTM?

Buy FTM 2017 from MacKiev online store

Family Tree Maker 2017 FAQ & Answers

In this section, the few random questions that are asked by the users of the family tree get’s attention. Regularly asked questions get chosen which are mostly asked by the users. The complete solution for these questions and besides informative knowledge gets mentioned in this section.

The extensively asked question for the family tree is the printing family tree?

How do I print my Family Tree Maker 2017?

• From any page on Ancestry, click on the Trees tab and choose a Tree
• On the left side on your tree, click on either Pedigree or Family view
• Go to the part of your tree you want to print
• In the top-right corner of the tree, click on Print
• In the top-left corner of the page, click on Print
• Click on Ok or Print

Does Mackiev Family Tree Maker Software Support FamilySearch?

Yes! FTM17 (Mackiev Family Tree Maker) has combined FamilySearch matches (hints), search, and combine into FTM 2017.

How to login to FamilySearch?

If you want to login to, you need to go to the browser address bar and type and put in your ID & Password for Family Search login. If you don’t have an account then, you can go to Google search and type FamilySearch login and click on the first link to access the website.

Can I get Discount on an FTM 2017 to upgrade?

Yes! You currently can order an upgrade to FTM for $59.95. For more details, make sure that you are on the Family Tree maker Mailing list

Do I need to get a new ancestry subscription for using Software Mackiev versions of FTM?

Well, the answer is no because the company hasn’t started all over rather continued with where left off.

Is there any free family tree maker available for users?

Well no, Mackiev doesn’t give family tree maker free. There isn’t trial version as well so the answer is straightforwardly no there is no free family tree maker

Why Family Maker app is the best Genealogy Software

It totally depends on the user reviews, we’ve found that family tree maker app is the best genealogy software. The family tree maker app has user friendly and you can search online detail from many websites. There are many features that makes family tree maker app is one of the best genealogy software.

Family Tree Maker

Common Error of Family Tree Maker 2017:

There are so many reasons for the FTM internet connection issue due to the firewall has blocked access. At times, we see the browser security settings are set to the maximum or the Anti-Virus or any antivirus software on the PC could be causing this problem

FTM 2017 gets stuck while connecting to the Internet

Some of the users have come around an error that says “Firewall has blocked access” while working on FTM. If you see this error message, you don’t have to panic


First of all, we’ll help you with the browser settings and the steps given below will help you to change the settings on the browser to ensure that it allows you to access FTM.

Internet Explorer

• Click on “Tools” appears in the upper right
• Now, chose “Internet options”
• Now, click on the “Security” tab
• When that opens, click on the “Internet” icon
• Then, click on the “Custom Level” option
• When that is done
• In the “Reset to” line at the bottom, change the level from “Medium-high” to “medium”
• Then, click “Ok” and choose “Yes”
• When it asks, “Are you sure?” click on “yes”


Secondly, you can try to make a few changes to your Anti-Virus software. Turn off your antivirus so that you can see if your antivirus blocking the connection. It is because of the security firewall on your Anti-Virus, the FTM blocked and the error of “Blocked Access” comes.

If you aren’t able to disable the firewall or turn off your internet protection (Anti-Virus) you might call the family tree maker to support help number +800-368-9067

Safe Mode with Networking in FTM (SMWN):

At times, you get exhausted conducting all the above steps and nothing turns out to be in your favor, therefore suggested restarting the machine (your PC) in Safe Mode with Networking. With SMWN, all your third-party software is temporarily disabled. This is the best way to know about the issue. If you are still facing problems then, you can get in touch with the Family Free Maker Helpline Number +800-368-9067. If you face any kind of issue then, we will provide technical support 24x7.

Bold FTM 2017 Important Question tech Solution

There are multiple questions that come in the mind of the Family Tree user and additionally, there are many questions asked on the most popular question and answering the platform like Disqus, Quora and many more and on the forums. In this post, we have listed some questions that are asked by many users. Along with questions, we have listed the answers to the questions.

FTM 2017 software released by Mackiev:

Since the news of Ancestry shutting down their tree sync and Mackiev taking over all the products of family tree software and replacing it by their Treesync there has non-stop questions from existing or new users of family tree software. Today, we will be reposting answers to some of the commonly asked questions associated with Family Tree.

What if you are using Ancestry and you’ve your tree online?

It is a very significant question if you use for syncing your tree online on Ancestry make sure to sync all your changes and then do an export of your free from You need to make sure that you have an additional backup copy of your program before you are importing it into any other program.

I Had FTM 2014 and Received a Free Update from Mackiev

If you had FTM 2014 or FTM 3 for Mac and updated either to FTM 2014.1 or FTM Mac 3.1 with the free version, Yes you’ll need to pay to upgrade it to FTM 2017.

What are the system requirements for FTM 2017?

FTM 2017 runs on Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10 and needs a hard drive space of at least 700 MB. 2 gigabytes of RAM is important for your system to run the software properly.

What to do if you don’t have a CD Drive on your PC?

If you don’t have a CD drive, not an issue at all you can either purchase a download copy of the software or you buy a USB Version of the product.

Can I use FTM 2017 on more than one PC?

Yes, you can do that by buying an FTM 2017 Family edition that allows you to use the software on 3 software programs on 3 different computers that are opposing the Standard User License agreement and allows you to use the software on only 1 computer.

Steps to Recover and Restore Family Tree in FTM:

A genealogy software program, allows you for creating FTM with timelines, photos, and many other features. This program also features to do the backup on an external drive or on CDs. If your Hard drive or Computer crashed, you must recover your files through Backup. And Restore and Backup options available on the program File Menu. For more, you can contact FTM Helpline Number for instant help regarding the resolution.

To Backup, Follow the steps below:

The way to Backup and Restore FTM Files on the program 1. Launch your FTM 2017 and click on File Menu and choose Backup
And backup will name as a current date by default
2.Under “Backup Location” select, “Removal Media” and from the drop-down select external drive or CDs where you want to save and click on “Save”

To Restore, follow the given steps below:

To do restore firstly, disable your Anti-virus protection which stops the restore working properly and copy the backup file from your external drive or CDs to your computer

Launch Family Tree maker and then, open File menu and choose Restore and click on Look in and navigate to your file location and choose open

Follow the above-given steps to Restore and Backup your Family tree maker files on your Family Tree programs

For the technical support related to Family Tree Maker, you can contact us at 800-368-9067. The teams are well-experienced and known for providing reliable and instant support. They are available 24x7 to help you and you can contact them through call and Live Chat.