Tricks to Manage Settings of Yahoo Account

23 April 2020

Yahoo Mail is not only designed for providing excellent communication way but you can also do more things with this email service. Before that, you must know the trick to manage account settings on Yahoo. Managing your email account settings of Yahoo can avail you in different ways. You will have the ability for editing the way you get to your account and edit your mail account profile. Getting to your Yahoo account settings is anything with the Yahoo Contact Number but difficult to do and can save you a considerable measure of inconvenience later on. Let’s move with some easy steps to manage your account settings from your Yahoo Account E-mail address.

A best and quick way to Manage Yahoo Account Settings

Accessing Yahoo! Mail Settings

1. Head to the Yahoo! website: First and foremost thing you need to do is open your trusted browser. When it is opened then, type in on the address bar that appears at the top of the screen and then, press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard. It will load up the Yahoo! home page.

2. Login to Your Yahoo! Mail account: On the home page, click on the “Mail” option towards appears at the top of the screen. It will redirect you to the log-in screen for your Yahoo! mail account

• You’ll be asked for your Yahoo! ID, and password on the next page. Click on every box and then, enter in your information appears on the right
• When you have entered the required information, then click on the purple “Sign in” option to log in to your account

3. Go to Settings: Now that you are logged in, look to the right side of the screen for a small gear icon. This is a drop-down menu that will let you edit different aspects of your accounts. The second option from the top reads “Settings”. Now, click on it to open the Settings box on your screen

4. Access your Account Settings: A white Settings box must be on your screen. The third option down reads “Accounts”. If you click on this then, the settings to the right will all change. When the settings appear on the right, then you will be able to look via all of your accounts settings

Now, you are eligible for Managing the settings of your Yahoo Account. For that, follow the below-given steps very carefully.

Manage your Account Settings first

1. Configure the settings for Yahoo Account: The option is for actually for your Yahoo account, that is the title of the first section. To the right of this will be your Yahoo! email address. Below it there are three blue links that each do something different respectively. You can click on every one of these links to edit that individual setting or to view your profile:

• The first one allows you for changing your password
• The second option will allow you to view your Yahoo! profile
• The last option will allow you to edit your account information

2. Add an additional e-mail address: The next section is for adding an extra e-mail address. You can now add an extra account to your current e-mail address free of charge. You just need to click on the blue link which “Create an additional e-mail address” and then, follow the steps on the new link

3. Manage your Accounts: The option below making an additional email address reads “Accounts”. When you make an e-mail address, you can pick which address you receive mail just by clicking in the dotted “Edit” box. It will open a new box with 3 options: “Sending name”, “E-mail address”, and “Description”.

• You can edit every one of the three options just by clicking inside the white box and entering your information
• When you are done then do not forget to click on the green “Save” option to save these changes

4. Configure your Default Sending Account: The next and final thing you can do is to edit your default sending account. This is a simple drop-down menu. After you add a new account, you can click on your name and choose which e-mail you want to send just by clicking on it

5. Save your changes: When you are done by adjusting these settings, it is crucial to click on the green “Save” option at the bottom of the page to save your changes

When you are done with the given steps then, you are easily done with managing Yahoo account settings. Call on Yahoo Support phone number to get instant help from the technical experts regarding the resolution. The teams are available all the time to help you in any manner they can.