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Tricks to Link WordPress with Facebook

01 October 2019

In the era of competition, Facebook still is the king when it comes to social media. It is one of those Web phenomena which entertain everyone with numbers. The new Facebook for WordPress plugin, the official WordPress plugin by Facebook provides you the ability to cross publish from WordPress to Facebook. It stands to reason hence that most WordPress websites could gain benefit from learning to link WordPress with Facebook.

Well, Facebook provides a variety of features that performs well alongside WordPress like as its reaction system and social media Login functions. If you can find your social media to work for you, you can definitely enhance your overall WordPress experience. In this post, we are going to discuss some different ways to link WordPress with Facebook and a bit of brief advice on how to use them into action.

• Show Facebook comments in WordPress:

Well, WordPress and Facebook comment sections are not that different if you make it important as at face value. But, the former has two separate benefits over the latter. First, it allows the people to comment by using their own accounts that work well with the Facebook login method we discussed previously. Secondly, use your Facebook comment and you will get access to their built-in “Like” function that makes popular comments rise to the top. That, in result, helps adoptive discussion around your posts. To add this functionality, we suggest using Facebook Comments WordPress plugin. Apart from allowing the implementation of Facebook comment sections, it offers you a variety of customization choices.

• Add Facebook Reactions to WordPress:

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past years, you are likely familiar with Facebook reactions. They are simply a set of emoticons that represent how users feel about an individual publication or post and they could be seen as an extension of the own “Like” feature of Instagram and Twitter. These emoticons allow Facebook users to share their feelings about the post in question without any comment on them.

• Allow the users to Login using their Facebook profiles:

This individual approach on how to link WordPress with Facebook is rather interesting. Facebook allows the third-party apps to use their login feature that means the users do not need to create any additional account with their website to login. Only they have authorized the use of the Facebook account information and details from a practical standpoint. Most of us cooperate with so many websites on a day-to-day basis to keep track of particular accounts can be a pain. Moreover, it might be the case that some users who may not want to sign up under normal circumstances will do so when they see that you provide a Facebook login feature.

• Show Page feeds in your Pages and Posts:

A Facebook feed is basically a group of publications managed according to their category. For example, every time you log in to the platform you greeted by news feed and when you enter a profile you are looking at a used feed. Linking Facebook feeds into WordPress allows us to display these details as either as a widget or a part of the page. It can be useful if you want to share an individual feed with your visitors or link your own timeline as a widget. The latter also allows you to promote your Facebook account without being too aggressive.

So these are few tips that allow you to link WordPress with Facebook and if you want to know more then, contact Facebook UK to get connected with the Facebook experts. The integration will aid you to improve the user experience on your website. It allows the users to show how they feel about the contact and interact with one other and also serve you the best to promote your Facebook page in the process.