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Steps to create Facebook Exciting Ads

17 September 2019

As we all know, Facebook users are increasing day by day and people has become addicted to Facebook. In that case, it is the right place for the advertisement of your brand, service or product. Facebook ads are considered as the most effective and best way to market your business online. If you have chosen Facebook for your brand or business promotion then you must have a good strategy plan. In short and clear language, you must have eye-catchy ads that grab the attention of the customers. In this post, we are going to discuss some effective tips to create amazing Facebook Ads and it really works.

Let’s start with the first and most important tip:

• Facebook Ad Sizes:

For Facebook, it is recommendable to have a size of 1200 X 628 pixels for any ads that only use an image. The reason behind Facebook uses this larger size for the newsfeed and automatically resizes it, to just fit the other smaller placements. Once you go from the larger size to a smaller one there is not a loss in the quality of the image. For carousel ads, you must have an image of 600 X 600 pixels.

• Piggyback off of another famous brand:

Adding text to your images is just like copying and cheating. You are able to add additional context or use eye-catching words. It serves the people to understand the images clearly even if the images are weak. It is more difficult compared to use those images with zero words because the image has all talking for you. The best way to avoid this issue is to use an image that is already quickly identifiable.

• Must have an attractive value proposal:

Ad copy is another thing when people have a look at as they wish to know the reason behind following your business page. They actually wish to know why your page is valuable to be followed. It is recommended that try to create an ad copy with an alluring value proposition, so there’s no chance of saying “No”. Your page looks alluring with an eye-grabbing cover photo as well as a profile picture.

• Story Ads:

Stories Ads are a part of Facebook Stories, one of the advanced content types moved out by Facebook. It allows the users to post temporary images and clips of their day for their friends to see. This ad is fitted to the dimension of mobile and can be played on both desktop and mobile. As the users look through their friends’ stories, these ads may appear in the same format inside a stream of stories. It is best to create Stories Ads that replicate the same entertaining and candid look and feel which people see from their friends.

These are some effective tips through which one can promote their business through Ads on Facebook. For more instructions along with terms & conditions, people can reach the customer support team at Facebook UK. Here, you will get exact information and answers about your queries from the experts who know each and everything about Facebook.