Let’s have a look at the 3 effective tips to improve Hotmail Account Security:

13 September 2019

Hotmail is one of the famous and trusted email services that are designed by Microsoft. It comes with excellent and fantastic features and security. But, it is often seen that it is unavoidable and users have to prepare for their account for keeping better security. Therefore, it is a tough time for people to know about the tips for improving their Hotmail Account security. It is your first priority to keep your email account secure and safe from the hackers as well as online damages and activities. Also, users can take help from the Hotmail Login Experts to overcome the Hotmail Troublesome situations in a few minutes, if they get stuck with any account security issue.

Let’s have a look at the 3 effective tips to improve Hotmail Account Security: –

• Strong Password:

The primary solution is to make sure that your account password is strong. Using a weak password like short, obvious or something you see on other sites, won’t cut it. An excellent password must have at least 10 characters with a mix of lowercase, uppercase, symbols, and numbers.

• Enable Two-Factor Authentication:

This feature is also known 2FA, it requires something that you have, commonly a code from an app as well as from message, in addition to the password to log in. If you have enabled this feature, then your password alone is not enough to log into your Microsoft account and protects you if anyone tries to steals it. To get it started, visit Microsoft Account page and then select the Security tab. Then, a Security basic screen will appear. Click on the More Security option text under the three boxes. Under the Tow-Step verification header, click on Turn on the option and then click on Next to go ahead. If you are using Hotmail on your mobile then, provide your mobile number or email address (alternate) and then Microsoft will auto-send a code it through a text, call or email. When you received the code then enter that code to confirm to complete the login process.

• Avoid Sharing Account With Anyone:

Well, it sounds that it is obvious that you will not share your account details. But, it is worth mentioning. Sharing email accounts is an easy way to provide an opportunity for hackers to hack your account. With an extreme rare exclusion, nobody else requires access to your email. If you have ever shared your email password with a friend or perhaps allow someone to login into an account of yours then you need to change your password to restrict those other out.

Well, you can be totally secured while doing all these essential steps. If you have any problem or confusion to understand these security tops then contact Hotmail technical help support UK to get connected with the technical support team. Here you will get the assistance of qualified and certified technicians who provide you complete support and guidance.